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Responses re: STRETCH MARKS

think-thin-always says: Cocoa butter apparently works wonders for stretch marks. Massage it into your skin every night after the shower for a couple minutes and you’ll see them fade :)

twentyfivesix says: cocoa butter for strech marks! xx

teachmehowtoskinny says: to anon: unfortunately getting rid of them completely is impossible (as far as I’m aware) but reducing them is possible. I’ve heard cocoa butter is good for that. They sell them at a most drugstores for women after their pregnant or just for people who’s skin stretched, etc. it’s cheap too! xo

Anonymous says: in regards to the stretch marks question - try palmer’s cocoa butter! works like a charm!

anglerfit says: Cocoa butter. The plain kind. And lotion lots.

texmex-817 says: to get rid of stretch marks i’ve used calleudula (sp?) (I think she means calendula) gel or cream. you can find it at places like whole foods

austere-wisteria says: hi there. I just wanted to respond to a question that had been submitted about how to get rid of stretch marks. there isn’t a way to get rid of them, unless you have some kind of laser treatment done to remove them, or something of the sort. the skin tears from the inside out, and nothing you put on the outside is going to seep in and repair the damage on the inside. it just doesn’t work. some creams can help them fade, but they won’t ever truly go away.

Anonymous says: vitamin e gets rid of stretch marks like a charm :) google it!

Anonymous says: stretch marks- vitamin e and also posture are huge

Anonymous says: to the anon about stretch marks: they won’t go away. trust me, i’ve tried a lot. i had a kid which left me with the worst of stretch marks on my stomach. i’ve tried multiple creams and home remedies. the best cream i’ve used is strivectin… only downfall, it’s $130ish for 6oz. but, if you have a small area to cover, it will last you a very long time. you are supposed to apply it daily, and i did that. even with covering my entire stomach, it lasted like 6 months. honestly, in time, they will lighten up. and when losing weight, they do get slightly smaller. if you aren’t against tanning beds, getting a nice tan will help them blend a bit better. and if you have loads of money, you could get laser treatments. i’ve learned to not hate them as much because nearly everyone gets stretch marks. (ps- i love this blog. major inspiration. i’m down 100 pounds since having my son. hopefully when i get to my goal, i’ll submit some pictures!)

Hope this helps!! Thank you for all who replied. =)

curvecreation also adds: A little late…but bio-oil is designed specifically to reduce stretch marks :)

as does secretskinnydiaryBio-oil also works for stretch marks , thought I’d ad that one :P.

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    think-thin-always says: Cocoa butter apparently works wonders for stretch marks. Massage it into your skin every night...
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    think-thin-always says: Cocoa butter apparently works wonders for stretch marks. Massage it into your skin every night...
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